Monday, January 24, 2011

Completed: Vintage Simplicity 5424 from 1972

Behold! I completed Vintage Simplicity 5424 circa 1972 using the blue broadcloth I purchased from Fabric Mart.

Simplicity 5424 circa 1972

Here is my completed version. The front. Don't pay attention to the wrinkles. I wore this to work and was too lazy to iron it again.

And here is the back.

With a close up of my very first zipper insert.

Pattern Review (The Pros): the pattern was relatively easy to put together. The pattern was a learn to sew type of pattern and I loved how it spelled (almost) everything out for you in the instructions. Even included the 5/8 seam allowance line on the pattern that you can trace on your cloth, which I did.

The Cons: I'm sure there had to be an easier way to sew the facing down without hand sewing. I'm wondering if I could've serged the underlining so that it doesn't come out. I did a bad job of hand sewing the bodice facings.

Did it come out like the pattern picture? Sort of. The pattern was for an A-line dress and my version was very wide on the bottom, but I guess that's what an A-line should be. It feels like I could put a petticoat underneath. Of course I did choose broadcloth which is really stiff and probably wasn't the best choice for this type of pattern. Hopefully I'll be able to get Mister to take some pictures of me modeling the dress so that I can show you.

Do you need to make adjustments? Yes, although I don't know what type. The bodice seems rather big and I would prefer it to be more fitted and I would like to take the sides in a bit. Since this is a wearable muslin. I'm hoping my next version of this dress will fit better when I figure out how to do those changes.

Pattern Level: Experienced Novice. You'll be sewing darts and inserting a zipper. I suggest practicing your zipper insertion before placing it on the dress. I made a small zippered pouch before working on the dress.

What could I have done better? I could have sewed the seam allowances better. I edge stitch parts of the bodice and the skirt panel. I'm wondering if this is probably the reason the dress feels big. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit into the dress. I should have also finished my edges. I didn't have pinking shears and was too lazy to zig zag the edges. Now I have blue threads everywhere. Oh yeah. I should have also looked up how to sew single fold bias tape. I sewed it on the hem like double fold bias tape and afterwards wondered why it was so hard to put on. Then I looked up how to sew it and found out what I did wrong. Yep. Completely different way to sew it on. A long list of mistakes. This is the reason why I'm a novice. At least the final product is wearable.

Would you sew this pattern again? You betcha. And I will use fabric that is less stiff and finish my edges. Hopefully my next version will be better.

Pattern: Vintage Simplicity from 1972 bought on Etsy.
Fabric: Blue Broadcloth from Fabric
Techniques: Zipper insertion, darts, facings, underlining and hand sewing.