Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kawaii Fabric Delivery

I love getting kawaii wrapped packages. Look at the cute Washi tape! *high pitched squeal** Especially when that package contains kawaii Japanese fabric. I just received some fabric from Staci at A Vintage Fairytale on Etsy. I made my purchase on Thursday and received it on Monday. Superfast and beautifully wrapped. I even received some cute little extras. See the upper right box.

Thank you so much Staci. I love all my items. I can't wait to get started and sew something.

And if you're wondering about the other pictures I promised? Well, I just finished another dress over the weekend, but made the stupid mistake of trying to line a stretch rayon with a slippery acetate. A slippery knit material with a slippery woven material. These things don't mix. They don't hang right. They just don't look good together. Sometimes I really think I should just stop sewing clothes altogether. I never seem to learn. I will display my shame soon. I promise. For real this time.

Hope your sewing endeavours are better than mine.


The Experienced Novice