Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Craft Projet: Tissue Holders

Last month I was invited to a birthday party for some friends and decided to make some tissue holders as presents. I used the tutorial that Zhing made on her wonderful blog "Little Projects in Style." The process was pretty straight forward so check out her blog for the full details and instructions.

Here is how they looked after the all the sewing is finished and before the trimming of the threads and the clipping of the corners. I had to iron on some interfacing on the first three covers since I used flimsy quilting cotton. The striped fabric is outdoor canvas that was pretty sturdy so no need for interfacing there. After all the clipping and trimming are finished. This is what they look like when you turn them right side out and place the tissue inside.

This is the back view of each of the tissue holders. All the fabric were scraps that I had so zero cost for me. Hooray for fabric hoarding!! My mom decided that she wanted Hula Girl version while I kept the striped canvas version since I have a bag made with the same fabric. The bottom two were given to the birthday girls along with some Cath Kidston Quilted purses I made, but that will be another post since that became a hellish experience. I also have a post coming for a Rayon dress I've been working on that just needs to be hemmed and photographed so I haven't been slacking on the sewing. Just been to lazy to take pictures, finish projects, start projects, do anything, etc.

The tissue holder pattern doesn't have to be used for tissues. My first version (without using the measurements in Zhings tutorial) came out too big, but became a perfect size for my Iphone. So now I have a new Iphone holder. I plan on making a lined version since I saw instructions somewhere about making it lined. Need to look for it though so I will definitely be making more. All the cutting, measuring, ironing and sewing took about 45 to an hour. I kind of lost track of time somewhere in the process, but that was because I was making four. I'm sure the time it takes to make one is much shorter. So good luck, stay tuned for more posts and check out Zhings blog since she has tons of other beginner friendly tutorials!