Friday, April 29, 2011

The Missing Novice

Egads. Sorry that I've been neglecting my blog as of late. Been very busy planning and executing my daughters birthday party (she is two years old now) and I'm also just getting over Easter and Mister's birthday as well. Now my birthday is coming up next weekend. Sheesh. Between you and me I really don't like birthdays. Enough about that. I wanted to show you my sewing room work in progress. Drum rolls please:

Behold, my sewing room in progress.

Cabinets and countertop
This is just one half of my little sewing station that Mister has allowed me to build in my daughter's play room. The bottom cabinets (ready built from Lowes) that you see here are actually to store away her toys, but the countertop area belongs to me. What's missing is the three wall cabinets that will be placed above this (with my Father's help), which I will use to store things like this.

Vintage Lace from Ebay
Yes, that is a whole lot of lace. This picture doesn't even include the other lace, ribbon and trims that I have been purchasing and hoarding wrapping and storing away. I have discovered a new place to feed my need for vintage sewing: EBAY. I know I'm pretty late on figuring that out, but oh well. I will show more pictures of my additional Ebay finds later.

Lastly another must have that I had to have in my new sewing room/playroom is a big table to sew and cut patterns on. Here it is in all its messy glory.

My sewing/pattern cutting table
Close up of the mess on the table.

As you can see I've already set up some of my daughter's (Buni) toys around it. Buni has made the area under the table her makeshift play house. She loves to hide underneath and play with her toys. Hopefully when my wall cabinets are set up I'll have a spot to put the additional lace I have in the basket and my box of trims.

So will this end up to be the sewing room of my dreams? Will Buni be willing to share her playroom with the Experienced Novice? Is the Experienced Novice secretly an Ebay obsessed vintage sewing monster? Stay tuned!